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The “fabric” brings space the curl and freedom

Project Specs


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“往夕STUDIO” 是一家独立服装设计师品牌店,空间设计起源于“服装”,更应该是“面料”带给我们的那种卷曲与自由,和那种难以言说的丰富触感。设计以“面料”为出发点,从形态到材料,借此来塑造空间与服装品牌的一致性。服装是人的表情,愿这个新空间可以成为“往夕”的表情。

“Wang Xi STUDIO” is an independent fashion designer brand store. The design of the space originates from “clothing”, and more importantly, the kind of curl and freedom that “fabric” brings us, and the rich touch that is hard to express with words. The design takes “fabric” as the starting point, from form to material, in order to create consistency between space and clothing brand. Clothing is a form of self-expression. This new space may become an expression of “Wang Xi”.

▼服装工作室的展示区域,the display area of the fashion studio


The whole space is divided into five parts according to the functional requirements: clothing workshop, meeting room & tea break, washroom, dressing room, and main display area.

▼分层轴测图,axonometric drawing


试衣间 | Dressing Room


The dressing room is facing the main entrance of the space, which is contrary to the usual practice. We believe that for independent designer brands, changing clothes is a very important part, is a sense of ritual. It carries the indispensable and irreplaceable functions of “before” and “after”, like a magic zone, which is the brand’s transit station, conveying the character and attitude of the brand.

▼圆柱形的试衣间和展示区域,试衣间正对空间主入口,the cylindrical dressing room and the display area, the dressing room is facing the main entrance of the space


展示区域 | Display Area 


The display area is shrouded in the “skirt of the space” to strengthen its own integrity. The lower edge of the wall is rolled up to expose the lower half of the grille. It is a girl who raises the skirt, which is also the background of the costume display.

▼展示区域和试衣间,展示区墙身上部分下沿卷起,露出下半部分的格栅,the display area and dressing room, the lower edge of the wall of the display area is rolled up to expose the lower half of the grille


会客茶歇 | Meeting & Tea break Area


The meeting & tea break area is a semi-enclosed space, the half-height curved low wall makes it partially separated from the display area, and opened on one side, simultaneously the long window opening treatment of the wall makes the tea break maintain a visual connection with the main entrance of the space.

▼半封闭的会客茶歇区,半高的弧面矮墙使之与展示区域局部分隔,the semi-enclosed meeting & tea break area, the half-height curved low wall makes it partially separated from the display area

▼会客茶歇区,墙面的长条窗洞处理使茶歇与主入口保持视觉上的联系,the meeting & tea break area, the long window opening treatment of the wall makes the tea break maintain a visual connection with the main entrance


盥洗区 | Toilet Area 


As a supporting space, the toilet area is filled in the crevice (a narrow space between something), which is the “pocket” of this space.

▼盥洗区,隐藏在空间的夹缝之中,the toilet area that is hidden in the crevice


服装工作间 | Clothing Workshop


▼试衣间墙体和服装工作间弧形的外墙面形成的走廊,弧形墙面构成展示空间的一部分,the corridor formed by  the the wall of the dressing room and the curved wall of the clothing workshop that forms a part of the exhibition space

The clothing workshop, the area where masters work, is a noisy area, therefore it is placed in the most hidden area of the space, but it is also a place for the whole studio to provide “energy”. We think that it should have more “expressions” to indicate its hidden tension, and these “expressions” will form a part of the exhibition space.

▼服装工作室外观夜景,砖墙上开大门窗洞口,night view of the fashion studio with large openings on the brick wall

▼服装工作室夜景外观局部,透过窗户看会客茶歇区,partial exterior view of the fashion studio at night, viewing the meeting & tea break area through the window

▼构思草图,concept sketch

▼场地区位图,site map

▼平面布置图,layout plan

▼北立面图,north elevation

▼东立面图,east elevation

译文:Tiny Tina

Project name: Wang Xi Fashion Studio
Design: PaM Design Office
Completion Year: 2019.05
Leader designer: Mi Qiangqiang
Team: Zhang Shengnan, Shi Wei, Chen Junlong
Stationary design: Zhang Shengnan
Project location: Jing Ying Meng Gu, Bei Jing
Gross Built Area: 81㎡
Photo by: Zhou Zhipeng Wang Huijiao
Photo credits: PaM Design Office
Clients: Wang Xi Studio
Construction manager: Qi Yu, Fu Chenyang
Translation: Tiny Tina

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