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As a basic geometry, the circle has its strong abstract properties, low-key and independent without many reasons. 0321studio made a chair that was not so comfortable just for this reason. In diverse and complex human activities, chairs should also have the complexity of different uses. Is it worth to question if a chair must be comfortable?


We choose to think about the diversity of the relationship between a chair and the human body and space. Is it possible to disassemble it into different application scenarios? What unique experience do the short-term physical contact and the physical meaning of the chair bring to space? What is the proportion of comfort? The former can even serve as the full meaning of a chair, which may deviate from the traditional spirit of functionalism, but why not?


The O-shaped chairs are combined directly, bent with solid iron bars and crossed by two different radii of perfect circles, which are interlaced to form a sitting surface and a backrest. The backrest is integrated with the rear leg of the chair and is slightly inclined to ensure the stability of the chair and form a chair with a minimal structural relationship.

项目名称 / Project :oo椅
完工时间 / Completion :2018年05月
设计公司 / Architects :0321 STUDIO
设计 / Designer:郑卜洋
摄影 / Photographs:肉山

W: www.0321studio.com
E: [email protected]
Tel: 8613005423721

More:  0321 studio。更多关于他们:0321 studio on gooood


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