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于丘陵高地体验时尚豪华露营的梦幻乐趣 | The magic of highland glamping


The intimate glow of the campfire is all the reminder you need to stay in the moment. Indulge in the night sky, relax among the trees on our woodland terrace. Fine food and luxury accommodations are here for you, too.

▼虹夕诺雅 富士,HOSHINOYA Fuji

▼清晨泛舟,HOSHINOYA Fuji Activity Morning Canoe

▼樱花季的富士山景,Fuji cherry blossom

▼冬季露台,terrace in winter


森林中的云端露台 | Cloud Terrace in the Woods


Terraces of varying heights are staggered along the slope in a clump of trees, each with a beautiful red pinewood surface. There are different activities according to the theme of the scene. In the morning, wake up with a stretching exercise, then bring in the afternoon with sweets time. At night, enjoy a drink at the Fireplace Bar.Terraces of varying heights are staggered along the slope in a clump of trees, each with a beautiful red pinewood surface. There are different activities according to the theme of the scene. In the morning, wake up with a stretching exercise, then bring in the afternoon with sweets time. At night, enjoy a drink at the Fireplace Bar.

▼露台座位区,Table at Terrace

▼云端露台,Cloud Terrace

▼书吧,Library cafe




打开你的五感 | Sharpen your senses


Sitting around a campfire makes one more perceptive of the woods around them, awakening instincts that have been numbed by contemporary life. Glamping is a stylish form of play designed to stimulate these dormant senses – without the toil and labor associated with camping – but it requires a suitably sophisticated playground to be effective. Such a playground exists at HOSHINOYA Fuji, a glamping resort located on a red pine slope overlooking beautiful Lake Kawaguchi, a stone’s throw away from Mt. Fuji.


▼林间剧院,Theater in the Woods


在山腰感受大自然之美 | Absorbing the Qualities of the Woods

虹夕诺雅富士位于山腰,100米左右的高低差,如同隐藏在森林中一般。 走在斜坡上,视线注视脚下,那里有土,有草,树木繁衍生长。深深的吸一口气,从草木的视角抬头仰望天空,你就会注意到了叶子的形状是各不相同的,这里是针阔叶混交林,红松的树枝和红叶的阴影映照在脸上。 当你去注意太阳的方位时,一天当中对太阳的看法也会发生变化。大自然的瞬息万变让你着迷,睁大眼睛去注意和感受它的美。

▼隐匿于山林的酒店,HOSHINOYA Fuji is nearly hidden by the surrounding woods

HOSHINOYA Fuji is nearly hidden by the surrounding woods, located 100 meters up the slope of a mountain. Slender paths meander through a landscape of soil, grass, and tree roots. You inhale deeply and gaze up at the ceiling of red pine needles and multi-shaped leaves that hangs far above you. Leaves and branches cast shadows on you that shift over time, allowing you to perceive the sun’s position in the sky. You find that your eyes are now instinctively drawn to every subtle change or occurrence that graces the scenery.



在针叶林的香味的诱导下 | A Sensory Wonderland

我从来没有认为树木的气味,尤其是针叶树的香气是这样的清爽。 当被穿鼻的清新所吸引,爬上木板像云彩一样重叠在一起的云端露台时,你就会感受到浓浓的香气。 从早晨开始焚烧的篝火,通过那个香气吸引人们聚在一起。人体自身的本能被火炎所吸引,火焰永远不会停止片刻。 树上的坚果之类的东西从天而降,在木板上发出声音滚动而去。 让我们在嗅觉,视觉和听觉之后用准备好的威士忌来充实自己的味觉吧。 这片森林充满了丰富人五感的元素。

The fresh scent of conifers and other trees enters your nose, exhilarating you even as it beckons you further up the slope. You follow the scent to the top of Cloud Terrace–a series of wooden platforms connected by stairs–until it is replaced by the smoky aroma of an enormous bonfire. The fire is maintained at all hours of the day, drawing people to it day and night, its smell appealing to something primal in all of us. A tiny object falls from the sky and lands on the platform with a pleasing clatter–a pine cone, perhaps? Having satiated your nose, eyes, and ears, you decide to quench your palate with one of many whiskies on hand. The woods are truly a sensory wonderland.

▼秋季景色,HOSHINOYA Fuji Autumn

▼远眺富士山,view to the Fuji mountain

▼树林里的休闲空间,resting area in the forest


在森林中与自己对话 | Discovering a New Self

有一条路是特意可以让你赤着脚踏着草地爬上山的。 从脚底传递而来的的细腻的感觉。,虽然路不平坦,但是反而会很有趣。树木的落叶蓬蓬松松,感觉非常好。 经过一段时间之后这些落叶就会回归自然。赤着脚,让你感受到踏在大地上是如此的快乐至极。漫步在6公顷的广阔土地上,那些在城市的日常生活中不会使用的各种感觉慢慢苏醒。你会突然发现那个只专注于脚底的感觉的自己。 在森林里,甚至可以发现一个新的自己。

You decide to explore a grassy path designed to be walked barefoot. New sensations travel from the soles of your feet to your head, and a smile forms on your face. How soft and relaxing the leaves feel beneath your feet, you think. Eventually, the leaves will return to the soil to infuse it with their comforting texture. As you walk through the resort’s vast, fifteen-acre premises, you become aware of your senses sharpening, freed from the dulling numbness of city life. You have discovered a new self–one who can experience so much just from the sensations coursing from the bottom of your feet.

▼树海, Jukai

▼云端露台,Cloud Terrace


大自然中的房间 | Luxuriating in the Scenery

面朝湖泊而建造的一个个形状像盒子的房间,极简主义的房间的三分之一是露台客厅,无论是房间的外部还是内部的概念都是模棱两可的。 湖对岸的山脉底部在云层间露出端倪,湖面被风吹起粼粼波纹。到了晚上,远处点亮的橘黄色的城市的灯光让这里的与世隔绝感更加强烈。 在这个极简但是满足了所有必要只需的房间中,就连时间的流逝都是不同的。 当你在自己的内心深处思考这些的时候,只有天空中的星星默默的改变它们的方位。

▼客房视野,view from the cabin

Minimalist cabins jut out from the slope, like telescopes aimed at the beautiful lake that lies directly ahead–and majestic Mt. Fuji just beyond. Living room-style balconies occupy a third of each cabin, blurring the line between interior and exterior. You watch the ripples traveling across the lake; just beyond, you can make out the foot of Mt. Fuji, the rest of the mountain veiled by clouds. At night, orange lights glow in the darkness, signaling the presence of a town somewhere in the distance. You never realized a room could simultaneously contain so little and yet so much. As you ponder such thoughts, the stars above slightly shift their positions.

▼客房露台,cabin terrace

▼客房内部,interior view



食于森林 | Partaking of the Woods

有的地区一年四季都可以吃到野味。 繁殖的越来越多的鹿和野猪积累了春夏秋冬一年四季的森林的营养,因此根据不同的季节你可以享受到不同的味道。食野味仿佛就是食于森林,通过自己动手而最终完成。在厨师的帮助下,自己烤的鹿肉格外美味。露营就是让你通过最好的方式享受野外生活的恩赐。心中不由得升起一股对自然的感谢之意。

There are some areas where one can eat game meat all year round. In such places, deer and boar feed on a range of seasonal fruits and flowers, which is why their meat tastes differently depending on the time of year. By eating game, you are, in a way, also partaking of the woods themselves. You dig into a cut of venison that you grilled yourself, with some help from the chef; its flavors are remarkably deep. Glamping, you realize, is simply a conduit for delivering the finest offerings of the wild. You decide to thank the woods for their blessings.

▼餐厅,Dining area

▼餐厅座位,seating area

▼客房用餐,in-room dining




在你眼前开放的户外活动之门 | Developing a Permanent Love of the Outdoors

曾经想过的一生中至少要尝试一次的野外生活,在工作人员的指导下一个接一个地实现。 制作烟熏菜肴,用荷兰烤箱烹饪, 自己砍柴,制做比萨,工作人员将一切都安排好了,所以不会让你感到困惑。 但是,如果有下一次的机会,即时费点力自己也可以尝试着去生火。这里的露营会让你产生这种感觉,一个从来没有尝试过户外生活的人的露营之门就这样被打开了。那种快感甚至可能改变你未来的生活。

Guided by the resort’s Glamping Masters, you tick off a wish list of outdoor activities you have always wanted to try: smoking food, cooking with a Dutch oven, and making pizza in an oven fueled by wood that you chopped yourself. You understand it is never this easy, with every tool and ingredient provided upon request. The next time, perhaps, it will take longer to start that fire. But the idea does not concern you; having had a taste of these activities, you now welcome the challenge. Something in you has been unlocked, and it can never be sealed away again.

▼冬季披萨烘焙工坊,Winter Activity Pizza Workshop

▼熏肉和蔬菜,Try Preparing Smoked Meats and Vegetables

▼冬季露台视野,Cabin Winter view

▼夜空下的虹夕诺雅 富士,HOSHINOYA Fuji by night


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